Holiday to Africa 2011

When we stayed at deka in Zimbabwe there was this African that worked at the lodge. He was very old and had been working there for a while.

I spoke to him when he was welcoming us to the lodge and showing us our cabins. We spoke about my dad and his flying days to deka. The African man said that he will never forget the days when dad flew over deka when he was there on holiday.

This African remembered us when we were little (learning to walk) I was amazed that someone took the time to remember.

At night we would spend a lot of time up near the bar. The bar tenant also remembered us flying there back in the day. If you walked into the bar with your cap on you had to hang it up for everyone to see. Dad had walked into the bar with his pool pal hat nearly 25 years ago and we has seen it when we went back recently. We left it there so when we go back there again we will be able to have a look and share it down the family.

I also remember going on a boating trip up the Zambezi. It was beautiful we loved all the rocks and trees. We had passed fishing people on the way up and they were happy to see us. On the way up we had hit a rock the engine didn’t feel like it hit hard but we felt a little knock. We kept going for about 20m and then came to a stop. There was no forward momentum nothing we all looked at each other in amazement. We trimmed the engine up and there was no propeller the shaft and prop had gone. We had no paddle nothing so we decided we had to paddle to the side with a cooler box lid and find something to paddle with. We ended up drifting down the rapids on the Zambezi with sticks as paddles.

Later we had smashed rocks spun around countless times and then came to a split in the river. One way was to black rock and the other to the boat ramp. We paddled like crazy to go the one way. We eventually made it to the boat ramp and all the African helpers looked at us as if to say what are you doing. We threw a rope to them and they pulled us in. We showed them the propellor was missing. Will never forget the looks on their faces.

There was one helper that asked us for a shirt and we had nothing at the time. We eventually gave him one and he was too happy.

We had one meal at the pub we all had fish and chips. We sat a a massive table with about 16 of us. I was on the end. There was this south African woman that came up to me and spoke a whole sentence in afrikaans I had no idea what she was talking about and gave her a very blank look. She then waited for an answer. Bundy had to say over all the laughing I don’t speak Afrikaans. She then turned around and walked the other way.

We ended up talking to that family later on in the night and asked if they can teach us afrikaans. Was so funny trying to speak it.

Trip to Africa.

When we arrived in johannesburg we did a lot of shopping. It was the think to do. We stayed in Johannesburg for three days. All of us wanted a mobile phone number and we looked everywhere. We came across this African man that was selling them in the shopping centre. His name was excellence. He was so happy with us because we wanted to buy some sim cards. We thought he was a jimmy and asked him if this system that he wanted to sell us was a jimmy and he looked so confused and said what’s a jimmy? Then he said no not a jimmy at all (not knowing what a jimmy was at all)

We ended up buying these sim cards and they turned out to be the best thing.

The place that we stayed at was an awesome lodge we where amazed that the mades did everything they made the beds every morning and the place was always clean to come back to.

When driving through South africa we saw heaps of cars that you will never see in australia and people hanging off the back of trucks and taxi busses.
There where people always wanting to sell you things on the side of the road/ traffic lights. There was this one African man that had come from Zimbabwe to find a better life in south africa. We had a chat with him.

We then made our way to the airport to fly in a very small plane to Botswana. We flew in a air Botswana plan that was really old. When boarding the plane we were waiting on the runway ready to go up the ladder into the plane and we saw a African man packing the bags in the baggage holder. He was finished packing and was struggling to close the door. He eventually closed it and then pretended to fly kick the door closed so much for safety on an aircraft. Haha

It was a two hour flight to Botswana. We arrived in bots and got out the plane and it was so hot we couldn’t believe it. Bundy and Caroline were picking us up. We went back to the place that they where living at in the little town in bots.

Bundy took us on his boat heaps up the chobe river. The game up the river was amazing that was our first time to see game in a very long time. The animals made the whole trip just so amazing. I remember an elephant was walking along the bank and we all watched it. It was walking at a fast speed and didn’t see a crock lying in the sun further up the bank. It was still running towards it and when the crock jumped and ran the the water the elephant stopped and reversed so quickly.

The people in botswana where so helpful and happy. Bundy one day took us to a big boat that he needed to do some work on and we went on the boat to chill in the lounge on the top deck in the shade and all the Africans that were working on the boat wanted to offer is drinks. The chef kept coming out the kitchen and offering is anything we wanted. Never forget it.

Big Decisions about work.

In the past month or so I have been thinking of joining the navy but before that I wanted to become a fisheries patrol officer. I decided that the navy will be a more exciting job and I will have to move away from home anyway to become a fisheries officer.

My girlfriend has been very helpful and supportive of my decisions. I love that.

I would love to do what they do in the navy thinking of a boatswains mate. But being away for long periods of time is not the most beneficial thing to do. I could not leave Rox times that they spend as sea.

I have always wanted to be doing something on the water and that is what I am going to do. Tugboat drive is another option that I would enjoy doing.
I know that I will end up doing something that I will be happy doing and make my friends and family happy.

Trying to use this. Rox is not here to help me. :(

Just told Rox that I am going to Melbourne for 3 days. Always hard to leave my babe for a few days. :(

Seeing how this is how you work this. :/